Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Imitating a Patient

Here's Evan imitating Gil as a patient. 

Leaning back in the recliner. Feet up. Totally connected. Charger cords plugged in. Laptop humming. iPod pumping. Meal at his fingertips. 

His care giver standing by waiting for his next request!

(Sounds cushy, I know, but try it for a day. Gil says it gets old real fast.) 

Gil has started his sixth week of hospitalization and that recliner has become his good friend.

Several months ago I bought concert tickets (as a surprise for Gil) to hear Wilco (a popular musical group) live at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Gil loves Wilco.

The concert is tonight. We were really looking forward to it.

Obviously, we didn't get to go but we did send Evan and Marika who were happy to go in our place. (It was that or sell the tickets on craigslist.)

Evan and Marika are there now, hopefully enjoying the music and the venue. We should have a critical review from them in the morning.

In the meantime, it's life as usual in Room 8403. Minus one concert event. There's always next time.

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