Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Man's Best Friends

You can't have too many friends when you're in the hospital. Although this photo was taken last week, our oldest dog, Haley, objected that her canine profile had not "made the cut" in the last round. 

So she appears today courtesy of the photographer.

Gil is really feeling the effects of the chemo these past couple of days. He just doesn't feel like having anyone around except for close family.

And close family it was yesterday. All day long. 

As we said, his sister from Israel arrived and spent the day at his bedside. Adam and Laura got to the airport on time and are probably getting ready for long day at work this morning -- Adam in his PhD research lab at USC and Laura in her post-doctoral research lab at UCLA.

In the meantime, Gil's bone marrow biopsy results from yesterday are pending. We're in a holding pattern.

These are hard days for Gil to be a patient. Coming up with new but effective comfort measures seems to be the best way to get through these past several difficult days.

But being the creative sort of family we seem to be, we're all pitching in and coming up with "slogan-ready" "patent-able" devices and services and all matter of things that are "warm and soft and fuzzy."

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