Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Hello Houston. We have REMISSION!"

Yes, Gil got official word today that he is in remission! It gives us a roadmap for his treatment options going forward.

About the photo above: That isn't a photo of me although I agree -- there is an uncanny likeness. This is a photo of one of our dearest friends, Debbie Peters, who made this quilt for Gil and included in her note to him: "With every cut of fabric, every block I sewed, batting and backing I put on, you were on my mind. I hope this quilt provides you with comfort and warmth. Fondly, Deb." He was so deeply moved and appreciative.

This is just one of the many kindnesses bestowed upon us from our generous friends, relatives and neighbors in the past months. From bringing us chicken-spinach lasagna and bruschetta, to feeding our dogs and playing frisbee with them, to sharing a few friendly laps at the pool next door, to your cards and letters and emails and phone calls and visits, we are indebted to each of you.

May each of you be as lucky as we have been should you ever be ill and have to depend on the kindness of friends.

Gil's numbers are good -- white count up to 5.6, platelets up to 231, hemoglobin hovering at 9.6. His oncologist does not need to see Gil again for four weeks. And there will be no need for transfusions of blood or platelets.

We have an appointment at Karmanos Cancer Center in two weeks' time to begin discussions about a bone marrow transplant. They must evaluate Gil's case carefully and make a recommendation, based on interviews and tests, as to whether he is a suitable candidate for transplant based on age, general health and emotional well-being.

All this can take some time, but it appears that time is in our favor. If there is a need to expedite the process, because his counts are decreasing, then it can be arranged more quickly. We don't know too many of these details yet or what the timeline might be. We will share them as we learn them.

In the meantime, Gil continues to fill the days with things that make him stronger and happier and healthier. He's beginning to feel like investing the cash in our investment accounts and think favorably about his work projects. (Don't get me wrong. He doesn't want to know about the projects. He's satisfied just thinking about them!)

Gil has been waiting for the good news of his remission status to send out his own email or blog entry. Don't know which form of communication he will choose. But I feel certain that you will hear from him soon.


A day like today
Comes just once in a lifetime.
Glad it was good news.


  1. Yowza. What great news!

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