Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Liquid Gold

It's not five-course. It's not exotic. It's not gourmet. But if you're Gil Raff right now, it's life sustaining.

The TPN continues to flow and it's starting to do what we need it to do. That is, to provide the calories and energy to get through this leg of the journey when he doesn't feel like he has an ounce of strength left in him.

Who thought that regulating one's own body temperature and building new cells could be so draining? The episodes of fever were fewer today. Gil acknowledges that it feels good to feel normothermic for good portions of the day.

With an improved appetite today, beef broth and chicken broth were his first choices on a tray of clear liquids. "How many calories in Jello?" he's asking. 

The neutrophils are being stubborn and not coming back very quickly. We're having to wait patiently again until Neupogen's power of persuasion kicks in.

Genie flew back to California today and plans to return when her bone marrow is needed -- if not before. She was a tremendous support to her brother and to me as she visited and tended to all the household needs while I was staying here night after night at the hospital.

Meryl is on route to Israel as I write this. She has a long trip ahead of her.

Long-time boyhood friend, Barry Mennen, left yesterday after a quick 24 hour trip. He filled Gil's room with memories of growing up as boys in Brooklyn. His presence for most of the day left a brotherly spirit in the room that filled it to overflowing. 

It seems that Gil may really be about to turn the corner tomorrow or the next day. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi Raff family,

    I am thinking about you all daily and holding you in my prayers. It is nice to hear the encouraging news and the power of positive thinking. I miss seeing you guys. You are handling this so well - it is amazing the strength you all have. I will continue to send good thoughts your direction.

    Love to all,