Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stealing One's Thunder

Gil hasn't been the same since this leukemia diagnosis stole his thunder.

His normal enthusiastic, vibrant, inquisitive, and intelligent self has been undermined by this current illness.

That said, we can hear some thunder-like rumbling on the horizon. He's getting his mojo back!

Today his white count reached 3.4 and it's still going up. (Remember that his oncologist is looking for the levels to get to between 4 and 10 to consider Gil immunologically recovered and able to entertain going home.)

His antibiotics were all stopped today. We are keeping a food diary for three days to see if Gil is taking in enough calories on his own to stop the TPN.

On another note, Gil is grateful to a wonderful woman (Sandy) who works at Beaumont's East Registration desk and also owns a hair salon. She offers through Guest Services appointments for patients who need salon services -- like haircuts. (Gil says it feels good to know he can no longer be mistaken for Larry King.)

I'll close this Saturday night blog entry with another Haiku:

Thunderous applause
For sticking it out six weeks.
Ready to go home.

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