Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guest blogger speaks

Hi friends and family,

Sister Genie here. This is a picture of Gil and me at my house in Petaluma, CA just a week before Gil got sick. We were shocked that a healthy, strong guy like like Gil could be sideswiped like that. But his healthy constitution is in his favor, helping him to battle the onslaught of the cancer and the chemo.

Sunday night was the last day of Gil's first round of chemo and he's now in the resting period. Very soon, he'll get a bone marrow test to find out if he's clear. If he is, he'll get a round of "consolidation" chemo to prepare him for a bone marrow transplant. We're hoping my sister Meryl or I will be a perfect match donor, which is his best hope for a complete cure.

Some doctors make terrible patients, but not Gil. He is the perfect patient. Always considerate and forebearing with his nurses and other caretakers, putting up with what seems like hourly temperature/blood pressure tests, changes of his IV, and awakenings when he's sleeping, always positive, never complaining. He's an amazing guy. Nevertheless, we want him to get well real soon and back to the doctor side of the hospital.

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  1. Raffs'
    It is easy to see by these blogs that tremendous direct support for Gil is not lacking. Rest assured that there is great support no matter how direct or indirect for Gil and all of the family form many supporter's. God speed to all od you.