Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garden Sanctuary

A trip to the garden sanctuary at Beaumont is always a good destination. It means that Gil has the energy to make the trip out of his room and down the elevator and into the warm garden space for part of an hour. 

Tomorrow (Monday) is a planned bone marrow biopsy which will guide the oncologists in their next treatment options. Biopsy results will be available to them in 2-5 days. Remission is the  possible and hoped for result. 

Then there is a 5-7 day waiting period for his cell counts to come back to normal. (Lots of waiting these days).

Tomorrow is also the Raff 's "changing of the guard." 

Gil's younger sister, Meryl, is arriving from Israel in the morning. Gil will have both of his siblings here with him for the next ten days.

Adam and Laura are flying back to LA in the afternoon. (Two trips to the airport for us tomorrow).

Meryl will overlap with Adam and Laura for a short six hours tomorrow while they try to catch up with one another's lives. Meryl and Laura have not met before. And Adam has not seen Meryl for many years.

We are trying to take care of ourselves as we continue to take care of Gil. With his blessing, we all went to see UP (the Disney Pixar movie in 3D) and got a chance to laugh and enjoy a very touching story about devotion and adventure and what's important in life. 

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