Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday Night Pizza Night

Friday was a busy day for all. Adam and Laura arrived early in the morning and we spent the day visiting Gil.

There were five of us in his room for much of the day and it turns out that it was just too much. We will limit our family visits to two at a time. Otherwise, it is simply overwhelming.

We came home in the afternoon for our weekly "Friday Night is Pizza Night" dinner and a celebration of Shabbat. We invited our dear neighbor, Laurie Forbes, to join us and she took this photo for us.

After the traditional blessing over the food (the hamotzi), we said a prayer for Gil's healing (the mi shebeirach) and spent a long, quiet evening together. 

I spoke with Gil this morning and his night did not go so well. He's asking for his favorite foods prepared from home and we will make this happen. We have lots of cooks in the house these days and that request will not be a problem.

Today is the Fourth of July. We're going in to visit with Gil early and will leave later in the morning to celebrate our hard-won American freedoms with a barbecue cookout and fireworks at Kensington Park which is close by.

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